A First

I discovered in the studio and elsewhere around the house this morning several unfinished bottles of wine and a half-full bottle of Courvoisier brandy – part of the detritus of Nelson’s Christmas visit.

I had a sort of out-of-body experience as I floated to the kitchen ceiling and watched myself pour the contents down the sink. I must stress here that this is something that is not only unusual for me but completely unheard of; I am still a little unsure as to why I did it.
I even had a crafty swig of a fruity Merlot expecting it to taste like eyewash, while in actual fact it was surprisingly still quite fresh and its flavour rather appealing.

I must also report that I felt very ambivalent about my actions because while it was undoubtedly a liberating experience to throw away so much alcohol, it left me feeling frustrated and irritated. I do so hate waste, you see.

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