Gay Abandon

So it finally happened: Nelson Galaxy slept with a man.

I must say, it is rather exciting to have such a sexually emancipated character in the family, but I think he is feeling rather awkward about it now.

For Nelson, waking up with a hairy man in your bed is definitely an idea conceived in the abstract – or yet another embarrassing incident that can be blamed on the intemperate consumption of alcohol, but, either way, I am convinced he is on some kind of personal quest to redefine stupidity and heedless action. When one drinks as much as he does, anything can happen.

As for yours truly, all you hairy men can keep to your side of the universe and I’ll keep to mine.

The salty and challenging things that take place in Mr Galaxy’s life would never happen to someone as brutally heterosexual as me – as long, at least, as my sobriety does not falter.

That being said, I suppose I’m more of a tri-sexual kinda guy, really.

(I’ll try anything sexual.)

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