Golden music business advice from my plumber

The dishwasher at Enormous HQ broke this morning so a plumber had to be found. A few telephone calls later and a very nice young man called Malcolm turned up with the requisite spanners and other things that I don’t understand.

5 minutes into our conversation, after learning about my chosen profession he began to share with me his views on the modern music buiness.

“All these nutters that give away their music for free need their heads read.”

He said.

“But giving music away for free can work if you use advertising in the places where people download it.”

I replied.

“Bollocks. That’s bollocks.”

He said.

He then began waving his spanner at me in a most ungentlemanly way and said,

“Making money from advertising while giving away your music is just like me fixing this dishwasher for free and then charging you money for my advice on the music business.”

Plumbers wisdom. Is there anything more accurate and succinct?

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