How much traffic do you need to make money online?

It’s a question that appears all over the internet, on blogs and forums from every corner of the globe. Very rarely does it receive an answer however. And that’s a shame, since it is one of the key questions in the minds of most bloggers.

Well, here’s the honest answer. You can make money with any number of visitors.

First of all, forget everything your stats package tells you about your traffic. The single most important thing you need to, in order to answer this question at least, is how many unique visitors you have per day. It is this number that will determine how much income you can make. Everything else, design, page views, advertisement quality and placement, is all leverage on those visitors. Without enough visitors it doesn’t matter how good your site is.

From my own personal experience one hundred unique visitors a day is plenty to start making money, albeit a small amount.

Five hundred visitors a day can generate around $250 a week with proper advertising and visitor management. And by visitor management I mean blog design, advertising choice and placement, reader engagement, that sort of thing.

One thousand visitors a day buys you a ticket to the $500 a week club, again with proper advertising and visitor management.

If you want a rough equation take the amount of unique visitors you have per day and divide it by two to get a weekly income estimate. This will work for blogs that have good content, a targeted audience and good advertisement choice and placement.

There are no guarantees that this equation will hold true for your traffic. But, it is absolutely possible to enjoy that sort of income to traffic ratio from a well managed blog and many people do, me included.

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Remember the rough equation, half the visitors per day equals one weeks income.

Have a great Friday 13th, just don’t walk under any ladders just in case.

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