If it ain’t broke don’t fix it

One of the biggest mistakes that new blog owners make when purchasing an established net property is to hastily change an already working design. The urge to arrive in a blaze of glory with an all bells and whistle design is something that can be seen all too often in the blogosphere.

Upstart Blogger already has a clean and instantly recognisable design. Well thought out, clear typography, fast loading and not, like so many blogs out there, saturated in amateur looking adsense units getting in the way of the content.

I will redesign at some stage, probably soon in the new year, but it will be more of an adjustment than a redesign. Just a few little tweaks here and there. As a mac user I share many of Robert’s opinions on what makes a good design. I promise there aren’t going to be any design shocks for regular readers.

And yes, in keeping with the tradition of making outgoing wordpress themes available to all, the current design will be offered as a free download for anyone who cares to use it.

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