Respect Where It’s Due

Ashley Morgan wrote a brilliant piece over on about the way the record industry is evolving, especially with regard to blogging.

He is spot on with his astute observations on the new forms of distribution and marketing that independent musicians and song writers are currently using to sell their material. He does not pull any punches when criticising the prosaic and sloth-like major labels. He clearly sees the big corporations as dim-witted and desperate in their attempts to adopt new methods and reserves a special hatred for the way they show little respect for their artists and music consumers in general.

More importantly, I have to thank him for giving me a mention and for his kind comments about

I agree with Ashley that the whole industry would be in a much healthier state if the major labels afforded more respect to their customers, the end-user, people like you and I – well, people like you; not me – I’m a genius.

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