Roy and Velma

I’m still very busy working twenty-five hours a day on the new Enormous album, I’m afraid – well, I’m not afraid exactly, more like absolutely terrified. Terrified that if I do not manage to find some extra hours from somewhere we won’t meet the October deadline.

Thus it is that blog posts are still few and far between.

Today I have been rewriting the string arrangement for The Ballad of Roy and Velma, a poignant little ditty about a downtrodden and stoical heroine who escapes from her disappointment with life by listening to old Roy Orbison records, the Big O. On the surface, it is a story full of pathos and humour but, as usual with my stuff, there is an underlying element of tragedy. A close reading of the lyrics will reveal that the song is partly about the artistic value of self-betrayal – a little Hemingway-esque for me, but there you go. Maybe I’m branching out a bit on this album. Who knows?

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