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Week Off

As mentioned in my last post, I am taking a break for a few days.

Will you miss me?

I will not be gone for long – just a week or so. I have decided I need to rest my weary head and recharge my batteries.

Later, pop fans.

(All I really need is for a beautiful girl from Baltimore to fly over and give me a kiss. And of course, I wouldn’t settle for just one.)

On the Fantastic hifi today:
Get Happy – Elvis Costello and the Attractions

England, My England

Allow me to be slightly negative – not like dear old Nelson who sometimes seems to be in a continuous condition of pessimism where every new disappointing thing that comes along ultimately affords him a kind of grim satisfaction – but somewhat condescending to my environment for a moment.

Oh, how I love England!  – all the mud and morons and miserable weather (that’s me being slightly ironic); but sometimes I wish I could just throw all of my and Audrey’s belongings into a big suitcase and bugger off to somewhere more interesting and salubrious, like, for instance, Lyon or Baltimore or even Bruges – for a break. You know . . . sort of . . . a – holiday!

I need a holiday; or at the very least a diverting geographical experience -  something new, to ‘see
how the other half live’ as my dear old mum would put it.