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Upstart Blogger WordPress theme One

One is a single column minimalist WordPress theme with large, clean typography and a muted green pallet. I was trying to convey I sense of calm to offset the large type.


One is intended for use on any blog that needs to get it’s point across in the most direct way possible.

Ready to make money straight out of the box, One includes a range of banners to use with the Upstart Blogger affiliate program and a widget driven sidebar.

One requires WordPress 2.8 or higher.

Click here to download One.

As promised in this post, the first person to install One on a new blog and leave a comment below with a link to that blog will receive a permanent link within this blog post to that blog. This means that your blog, if you are the first to use One, will be the ongoing rolling demo for One and, as such, will be picked up numerous WordPress and design blogs, increasing your traffic and back links rapidly over time. Plus, you will get the full benefit of a permanent PR7 link from this post.

You can modify the themes if you wish but they must remain reasonable intact and representative of the original designs to be considered, and indeed useful, as a rolling demos.

Upstart Blogger WordPress themes Dark Orange and Dark Pink

The 2 WordPress themes I am releasing today are the first dark themes, having light text on a dark background, ever released here at Upstart Blogger. I’ve wanted to stray to the dark side for a little while now, experimenting with darker palettes using Genesis Red on my personal blog Brass Revolver and a light on dark design at Enormous Reloaded.

Dark designs are often labelled, wrongly, as difficult to read. The cold hard truth is that dark designs only play havok with your eyes if the dark background is too dark, the contrast is too high, the typography is too aggressive and the browser and operating system have sub standard rendering.

What this means is that a medium contrast palette can look wonderful on a correctly configured browser. Gleaming white text on a solid black background viewed on Internet Explorer will burn your retinas but correctly shadowed creamy off white text on a dark chocolate background viewed on Safari will make your soul smile.

The devil, as always, is in the detail.

With all that in mind here are 2 themes that use a dark chocolate background with creamy off white text, delicately shadowed using webkit CSS, with links and highlights in 2 shades of orange for the first theme, or pink for the second.



Both themes contain a range of banners for use with the Upstart Blogger affiliate program. As with my previous theme, these banners are not installed by default and are simply included for your use if you wish to make money with the Upstart Blogger affiliate program.

The above screenshots show the themes with the optional Genesis Rocket header banner in place for use with the Upstart Blogger affiliate program. This can be used to promote anything you like, replaced with a banner of your choice, or replaced with a traditional header image.

Alternatively this banner can be replaced or complimented with a range of sidebar banners, as shown in the screenshot for Prime, the theme I released yesterday.

Dark Pink and Dark Orange require WordPress 2.8 or higher and have widget enabled sidebars.

Click here to download Dark Orange.

Click here to download Dark Pink.

Upstart Blogger WordPress theme Prime

A little while ago I issued a teaser post entitled Something wicked this way comes. In it, I hinted at a large project looming on the horizon, something that would change everything and would blow the blogosphere wide open. That project is still coming. In fact, it’s developing right in front of your eyes right now. And this new theme, Prime, along with its cousins Dark and One, plays a very important part in that project.

All will be made very clear, very soon.

Now let’s return to today’s main event, releasing my new WordPress theme, Prime.


Prime combines the typographical sensibilities of my recent themes subtly tweaked for a slightly more clean look and feel, a widget powered sidebar, the tried and tested palette of Upstart Blogger, with a ready made affiliate advertising solution. The Prime zip file contains 2 png files, banner advertisements for Genesis Rocket, that are perfect for use with the Upstart Blogger affiliate program, the first targeted at a general reader, the second targeted at creative professionals. You choose the banner that you feel best suits your audience.

Of course, you don’t have to use those banners and you don’t have to participate in the Upstart Blogger affiliate program to enjoy this theme. And, with that in mind, the banners are not activated by default, but are simply included in the zip file for the convenience of those user who will make use of them.

Prime can be used for any blog application you wish but is particularly suitable for personal blogs.

Prime requires WordPress 2.8 or higher.

Click here to download Prime.

Upstart Blogger WordPress themes Genesis and Genesis Red


Genesis is a free WordPress theme that mixes swiss typography with a traditional blog layout in order to create a hyper readable environment. Large typography, set in Myriad Pro that degrades through Helvetica to Arial for those with typographically challenged systems, sets the scene and pushes your content forward.

Muted metallic shades complete the look creating a vibe that is both restful and contemporary.

If you want people to read your blog without superfluous distraction then this may be the theme for you.

There is currently no demo for this theme. Be the first person to install Genesis on your blog and leave a comment below to become the ongoing rolling demo for this theme and attract a substantial amount of traffic and attention.

Genesis requires WordPress 2.7 or higher.

Click here to download the Genesis WordPress theme.

Looking for something a little more dramatic?

Consider Genesis Red, a version of Genesis I designed for my personal blog, Brass Revolver, in a striking shade of red.


Genesis Red can be seen at work here and downloaded here.

Telling Teenage Fortunes


Whilst taking the class through a reading of the Book of Genesis, your Religious Education teacher will turn to you and inquire: ‘Literally speaking, how do you  read these first verses?’

You will answer him thus: ‘Literally speaking, I read them with my eyes, sir.’

He will then ask you this: ‘Are you being sarcastic?’

To which you will reply: ‘Only literally, sir.’

Later that day you will find yourself having to report to the headmaster for ‘gross insubordination’ and ‘disruption of the class’.