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Creative Davy

I’ve been so busy recently; I haven’t found time to post.

I have been going through one of my prolific songwriting periods where everything else has to take a backseat. I am generally a quiet and meticulous man set against the background of his imagination, so when the planets in my mind move into a favourably creative conjunction, I have to batten down the hatches, ignore everything else, and go with the flow.

Stay in alone with Audrey writing amazing songs for three weeks, or never communicate with anyone again via the internet? Both seem almost equally gratifying outcomes.

I’ll do a quick acoustic guitar demo of one of my new favourites called The Girl Who Turned Into Herself and post it on my MySpace or Virb for you to have a listen. Here’s the second verse – I have never written a lyric with the words ‘noodles’, ‘saucepan’ or ‘utensils’ in it . . . I have now – don’t blame me; these things write themselves:

In a saucepan: oriental noodles
Favourite stainless steel
Knife and fork
They look so happy
Those two old metal utensils
Just lying there together
In her kitchen drawer