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Hello Be Thy Name

‘Hello, Nigel. Is Reg there?’

‘You’re early.’

Indeed. I often come prematurely.’


‘I told told you before, Nige, I just can’t resist a comedy open goal when I see one.’

Reg had asked me to call at his house to help him with a problem he was having with his computer. He was nowhere to be seen.

‘Reg told me you were going to pop round, but I’ve already fixed the problem. I don’t know why he asked you for help, actually.’

‘Me neither, Nigel, what with you being a PC expert and all.’

‘Macs. I never touch PCs if I can help it. They are basically shit.’

‘Hmm. Where’s Reg?’


Church? Jesus.’

‘I’ve been telling him he ought to get baptised. Well, actually, the Lord told me to tell him.’

‘Don’t tell me. You’re a Born Again Christian, aren’t you Nigel?’

‘What if I am?’

‘It just doesn’t surprise me, that’s all.’

‘Have you been baptised, Davy?’

‘That really is none of your business, Nigel.’

‘Well, you should at least come and say hello to us at the Kingdom Hall of Jehovah’s Witnesses in Kirkby. And from what I’ve been hearing about you, you should make it sooner than later.’

‘Goodbye, Nigel.’