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Network With Us

My dear friend Nelson Galaxy came round for tea and biscuits yesterday evening. We spent most of the time setting up elements of our musical network of friends in cyberspace. Oh what fun we had: listening to Burt Bacharach, drinking ice-cold rose wine, eating pretzels, laughing and singing and making lovely new acquaintances from all over the world! Why not join us? Pop over and shake hands, say ‘Hi!’

Here are just a few of our networking sites; there are more to follow:

Napoleon Fantastic on Virb
Nelson Galaxy on myspace, Virb, Purevolume
Davy Lawrence on Virb, myspace
Enormous on myspace
Slaughterhouse 5 on Virb, myspace
Big Arena Records on LastFM

We’re all over the flippin’ place – see ya there, amigos!