Upstart Blogger Altera Now WordPress 2.3 Compatible

I’ve released an update to Upstart Blogger Futurosity Altera. It is now WordPress 2.3 compatible. I’ve added tags to the bottom of individual posts and a tag cloud to the bottom of the page. This version always fixes the text size of the latest posts so it is consistent on the home page and individual entries. I’ve also fixed the styles for blockquotes.

Altera has now been renamed Upstart Blogger Futurosity Magazine. I have been informed that the name violates a trademark held by Altera Corporation. Upstart Blogger is in no way affiliated with Altera Corporation. If you have already downloaded Upstart Blogger Altera theme, please edit footer.php to remove the Altera name. Thank you.

Please see WordPress Theme: Upstart Blogger Futurosity Magazine for instructions if you are upgrading and have modified your template files or style.css file.

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