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Clean typography, a web 2.0 palette, heavily inspired by 37 signals and their wonderfully clean and focussed designs, Signal 37 is here.

Designed using a number of existing WordPress themes and taking code from a handful of premium WordPress themes that have recently made the jump to GPL, Signal 37 is designed as an out of the box solution for all bloggers who just want to write without having to worry about images or anything that would usually get in the way of starting a blog.

Signal 37 includes a number of widgets to help populate your sidebar, including a Twitter widget that will stream your Tweets directly from a Twitter account of your choice.

Other features include threaded comments for WordPress 2.7 and above.

To make the theme your own simply edit the header.php file as appropriate.

Eagle eyed downloaders who choose to poke around under the hood will notice that Signal 37 is based on a free Woo theme. The debate over whether or not all WordPress themes, premium or otherwise, are inherently GPL has raged for a long time, both here at Upstart Blogger and all over the web. It is to Woo theme’s great credit that their themes are covered by a GPL.

Any features reference in the original code that may not have been covered by a GPL, such as photoshop files and some PHP, have been removed.

In the spirit of cooperation of bridge building, I gratefully acknowledge the work that Woo themes do, especially in terms of theme support. And, furthermore, since I do not offer any support for Signal 37, I recommend that anyone requiring technical support for this theme, and for any others that I release in the future that have Woo themes code behind my design, contact Woo themes and purchase a support package.

As with all themes, I recommend upgrading to the latest version of WordPress before installation. Signal 37 has been tested on WordPress 2.7 and 2.8 but, partly due to the threaded comment functionality, may not work on older versions of WordPress.

There is currently no demo for this theme. To address this situation and to give everyone an incentive to download it and use it, the first person to install Signal 37 on their blog and leave a comment below will become the ongoing rolling demo for this theme and attract a handsome amount of traffic and attention.

Download Signal 37 here.

To install Signal 37 simply download, unzip, upload to your theme folder and activate.

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