Upstart Blogger WordPress theme voluptua


As promised on Friday, Voluptua, an imposing minimalist WordPress theme, is now available for download. Voluptua features large swiss typography with all text being set in Helvetica Neue, degrading via Helvetica and Arial to a standard sans serif typeface on systems that are typographically challenged.

Voluptua can currently be seen running unmodified at Musicians Who Blog and, with a few palette tweaks, at Brass Revolver, where, as you can see from the screen shot, it is doubling as a rather effective photo blog theme.

I envisage this theme being utlilised on any kind of blog including personal blogs, photo blogs, design blogs and portfolio blogs. Its clean typography and no nonsense approach is intended to convey a feeling of confidence and opulence, hence the choice of name.

You can view a standard demo here and download the zip file here.

Installation is simple. Download the zip file and upload the resulting ub_voluptua folder to your WordPress themes folder.

As always, this Upstart Blogger WordPress theme is free. You may modify the theme as you wish but, if you do decide to use it, please leave the footer link back to Upstart Blogger intact.

I’m very keen to see how this WordPress theme gets used so please leave a comment if you decide to take it for a spin.

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